After Now

25 min I February 2018

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After Now (2018) is a documentary short film that captures the joys and challenges of navigating life after prison, and the ways in which incarceration touches us all.

Weaving intimate portraits of work, family, and neighborhoods in New York City, the film follows three people for a one-year cycle to show everyday life and the complexities of what it's like to transition from prison back into society. 

After Now is a film co-directed by Raechel Bosch and Thuy Linh Tu, and was made in collaboration with the New York University Prison Education Program as a tool for having real conversations about everyday life, and how we move away from ineffective systems of punishment and towards constructive systems of support. 

Directed by Raechel Bosch and Thuy Linh Tu

Filmed and edited by Raechel Bosch


This film is available for screening and talk backs with film participants. For screening queries, please click here