After Now

26 minutes I 2018

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Logline: Three people must start life anew in New York City after years of incarceration, a glimpse into their past and present tells a complicated truth about life after prison. 

After Now (26min. 2018) follows three people as they navigate life in New York City after years of incarceration. Weaving intimate narratives of work, family, and neighborhoods, the film walks us through Earl’s first day out of prison, explores Carlos's relationship with his family after 13 years away, and follows Joshua as he's forced to start over while living in a shelter. After Now captures the nuances of rebuilding life and relationships after prison, where no two experiences are the same, but together they tell a story about the lasting effects of the penal system and how incarceration touches us all.

After Now is a film directed by Raechel Bosch and Thuy Linh Tu, and was made in collaboration with the New York University Prison Education Program.

Directed by Raechel Bosch and Thuy Linh Tu

Filmed and edited by Raechel Bosch


This film is available for screening and talk backs with film participants. For screening queries, please click here